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Creeping Hot Hands (2020 onwards)
A collaborative experimental music project by myself and Andrew Kerr. Born out of lockdown limitations, and playing around with sounds in a non pressurised / non precious way, we've created an archive of shonky soundscapes improvised and recorded in one take.
We released the first of these, 'Deleenen Sceenen' in December 2020. One piece, split into chapters, 'Deleenen Sceenen' features the sounds of hand dryers, dripping water, various clangs, twangs and swooshes and to me feels like a journey through a marshy landscape. 


" 'Deleenen Sceenen’ feels like a dark and sinister journey into a forbidden world. We look forward to hearing what mysteries Creeping Hot Hands happen upon next." - Beats to the Bar  (Read full review here)
Creeping Hot Hands - Deleenen Sceenen - front.jpg
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